Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoyable trip to the market

My Christmas in 2007 was spent with my sister-in-law in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. In one of her market days, she asked me to join her so I could get to see the wet market in that area.

Interestingly, the place was stuffed with an array of fresh vegetables and fruits and all kinds of foodstuff, mostly familiar stuff that you expect to find in the wet market and there are some unfamiliar ones too. It was no different with the wet market in my country actually.

Surprisingly, the market was fairly clean. I enjoyed looking around, checked at some displayed foodstuff that are new to me or am not familiar with. I was expecting to find at that time some of their exotic food that I was hoping I could taste but unfortunately not one was available. So, I ended up buying some 'dragon fruit' instead.

I'd say it was a fun and enjoyable trip to the market, thanks to my wonderful host sister-in-law for tagging me along to the market that day. ^^

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