Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cool Digital Art

Here's a cool digital art done by my 15 year old daughter just a few days ago.

I'd say she has improved a lot in this field where she is very much into for over a couple of years now, day-in and day-out. :)

Here's her comment on this:

"Remember episode 1 of the Pokemon anime?
Yeah, kinda brings back memories doesn't it? How Ash met Pikachu and such.

Actually, this isn't the reason why I made this. The real reason why I made this is because I desperately need a new wallpaper, and I suck at making my own without disrupting the artwork.

So what do I do? Well, what else? Draw my own.

So yeah. least it must give you guys that nostalgia moment or summat, right?

Also, I had fun playing around with the Water Color brush in SAI. And making raindrops are fun too, even though they can be a real pain. |D


Oh dear, please don't be mislead by the title... I know it has another meaning, but... come on! Seriously you guys are just... :|"

Check out this link for more of her works.

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