Monday, October 24, 2011

Night-Life Treat At 17th Avenue

My 2 sisters-in-law, Carmen and Maritess came for a visit here in Pampanga. One of the things we made them to experience here is something that we actually don't normally do..."night-life". 17th Avenue is the far the only place we know where you can dine or just have some cocktails while watching a band play .

It so happened that on that night, a little later during the bands 2nd set, only a couple or 3 tables were left occupied with customers, that includes us. So what the band did was to ask from the audience a volunteer to sing with them...and of course I volunteered...hahaha.

Since the Jazz song I chose to sing was not in their list of songs, they suggested to me a Carpenter's song Close To You . I love the song though not the type that I wanted to sing but I sang it anyway. Here is the link:
Well it made my night...I had fun. Thanks to my hubby for video recording this. ^_^
October 17, 2011 night.

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