Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seagull - The Place for Stop Overs

During the 7 years of living in
Davao City, my husband travels
a lot to Bukidnon up to Cagayan
de Oro City. And during some of
his trips, when time permits
(my younger daughter was still
in the elementary grades then),
I tag along with him.

Somewhere after the
place called Buda, where it is almost
halfway to Bukidnon from Davao City,
there is this place that I really, really
love to have a stop over for a short break.
We stay for a cup of coffee, have some
sweet talks and enjoy the view of this
charming place.

I love the cool weather, the pine trees
and the beautiful flowers all around.
I enjoy the lovely and peaceful scenery
of the place, it is so serene, so green all

This place that I miss to see and visit again
is the Seagull Mountain Resort.
A great place for stop overs.

(Photos by Len)

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